Real meaning of Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is upon us which starts the beginning of the holiday seasons. Many people will be visiting family, friends and sitting down at the table having their meal. But there is a flip side to Thanksgiving Day that I want us to be mindful of and that is to think about those who have no were to go, those whose families are overseas. For many people its holidays that make them depressed they don’t look forward to this joyous of seasons they have lost loved ones, they don’t have a job no family and so they see no reason to be thankful.

As we come into Thanksgiving and the rest of this glorious season think of others look around and see who you see who just might not have someone to share this season with. Invite them to your house during this season, bring them a little gift something that will brighten their day, because when it comes right down to it Thanksgiving is all about GIVING THANKS, and what better way to give thanks then to share it with others who don’t have no one

Often times we over look people we over look the young woman on our job the man who cuts our hair the grocery clerk they too need to see the meaning of Thanksgiving, don’t ever assume that the people you encounter have somewhere to go, don’t always assume that they have family because you never know. And if you think this is not happen then go and visit some of these shelters and you will see them filled with people who have no one many lost without hope.

God forbid that Jesus would have treated us like orphans, but He treated us with Love, He displayed love by giving us Himself. Remember Thanksgiving is not just the last Thursday of November Giving Thanks is daily! AMEN


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