How much of the Word do you know?

Have you ever wondered to yourself how much you know about the bible?

It really didn’t dawn on me until the last couple of days when I had to ask myself just how much have I learned over the years.

As I pondered this question over in my mind for a day, I decided that I needed to test or quiz myself. So that I will know just how much I have learned over the years.

And so what I did was downloaded an app onto my phone this way I can have it at my fingers anytime during the day.

Well family I have to say it has been a refresher because there was some verses that I had forgotten and so it was really nice to have that refresher.

What I really like about trivia with the bible is it gives me scripture and I have to give the book that the veres are in.

I find myself using this app allot even when I am having my lunch or when I am standing in line waiting.

And so maybe you have been wondering the same thing how much of the word do you know? The only way that we are ever going to know is to be quizzed so how about you doing trivia.

God Bless you.






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