The Decisions we make

Galatians 6:7 says ” don’t be deceived for God will not be mocked. A man will reap what he sows.

Normally when a person quote this verse we immediately think of the negative or bad things a person does will come back and bit them later.

What this verse really mean is that there are consequences for everything a person does in life rather you do good or bad make right decision or wrong decision we will have to face the consequences.

I remember a time when a situation arose and because I felt that it was not my job to say anything I remain quite, later I realized that even though I did not speak up there was consequences for my action ( what I did not do).

Everyday I have to remind myself that there will always be consequences for what I do as well as what I don’t do. Surely none of us want to bring corruption upon ourselves, right?

God bless you and let us pray that our decision that we make brings glory to God. Amen



3 thoughts on “The Decisions we make

  1. Very nicely put, and you are correct when you say that we usually think of the negative rather than the positive when we hear or read that verse. In the end, whether we do or do not do, we will indeed reap what we sow. Great post.

  2. Thank you Gale for that comment for we surely will reap.I appreciate you sharing this with your readers. I pray that they will be blessed

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