What the Spirit spoke to me about 2014

Wow. Family we are in a brand new year. I know many of us are and have been reflecting on 2013. With that being said. I too have been reflecting but my reflection is on how I can become a better Christian.

And so the spirit directed me to Proverbs chapter One as I was reading it I saw something that caught my attention.  Wholesome and holiness,  these two words came about from the word Wisdom. In chapter One of Proverbs wisdom comes when we go to the word of God for everything in our lives.

When we rely upon our own reasoning we are not seeking wisdom. And so after the spirit revealed this truth to me I know what path I am to take this year.

Every year right before the old year leaves out an before the new year comes in The Holy Spirit gives me a verse in which will be my path for that year.

May we all be sensitive to what The Spirit is wanting to do in your life this year


4 thoughts on “What the Spirit spoke to me about 2014

  1. Interesting…the verse God led me to last night before the beginning of the year was….ta da…from Proverbs about wisdom. This morning when I got up and listened to my professional association’s blog it was…ta da…about wisdom. And here you are writing about wisdom from Proverbs. You know, God sure is consistent.

    By the way, the “like” buttons on every site I have been on today are all depressed so you cannot “like” anyone’s post. Is there something in the Obamacare regulations that stipulates that happening?

    1. Thank you for reading today’s devotion. God has a way of getting whatever it is our way. I am joyful to hear that you received a word as well for the new year.

      I don’t think that the health care system has anything to do with the like button not working. I noticed this problem last night when I visited some blogs. I think it was because so many people was on the internet posting before the new year came in.

      Have a bless day today

  2. Thank you my friend. I did not know that it blessed you that much that you kept coming back today. I will stop by and read your new post on prayer

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