Being In Captivity

The parable of the two baskets of Figs Jeremiah 24

When it comes to us being in bondage the first thing we say is ” no not me! But truth be told every one of us are in some type of mind captivity. The reason we are is because you and I have neglected to apply the word of God to every area of our lives.

In the story of Jeremiah 24 and 25 we read about how the Israelites was sent to exile for seventy years, all because they refused to reject false gods. See the Lord delivered them from Pharaoh’s hands and yet they was still a slave in their minds.

What was the purpose of exile? Did exile teach them a lesson? As you read the story there are many questions that you and I can come up with. But let me save you some time. We know the reason as to why they was sent there but what was the spiritual reason? The spiritual reason was for them to be refined and purified so that they will serve the one and only God Jehovah Himself.

You might be thinking that there is no way that you are in captivity in the mind, but you and I are no different then the Israelites when we put anything before the Lord Jesus we are in captivity, for it has taken the Lord’s place in our lives.

Had the Israelites learned to obey God and His word they would have not found themselves in exile. And so you and I are in our own exile in our minds. Many of us are fighting things and wrestling with things from years ago. Reason we haven’t been able to let it go is because we are still in slavery to Pharaoh in our mind.

What can we do to get out of our captive mind? First we need to admit we have rejected the Lord’s word, we need to admit how we failed to obey Him. And finally we need to repent and never to have anything come before the Lord.

When the seventy years was over for Israel they learned to reject all false gods and they began to serve the Lord with their whole heart.

What will you do today? Will you stay in captivity for another year or will be free today? The choice is yours


2 thoughts on “Being In Captivity

  1. One of my most sobering admissions, was to admit my bondage to a few areas in my life.
    Unforgiving attitude, obesity, untethered emotions, impulsivity, and lack of commitment.
    It was not until I began to grow in Christ, that I became aware of my limited ability to overcome these issues, and my need for God’s strength & delivery. Now im still challenged, but i’m hopefuland feel less of a captive, but more of a work in progress and a testimony. Praise be to God!

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