Solomon’s Wisdom

When I started my new devotion for the New Year I shared with you how vital it is for us to seek wisdom. You might have noticed that each post since the new year has been about us using wisdom and seeking understanding. 

Last night during my studies I went back to re-read about Solomon. What was it about him? Why did God give him such wisdom?

First of all Solomon’s wisdom involed a vast amount of understanding and discernment about life and his responsibilities as King.

The Lord described him as a man with great wisdom and very great insight and a breadth of understanding as measureless as the sand on the seashore.

Wow! Can you imagine having that much wisdom that it never ends? And yet with all of that Solomon ended  up turning his back on God.

My question is why? What causes a person to do that? Did he not know the value of it? And yet today you and I do the same thing. Solomon’s life is a clear sign to us as having wisdom and using wisdom. 

Solomon had it but he never always used it. He disobeyed the Lord’s direct instructions.  What can we learn from Solomon?  We should never misuse God’s gifts that He gives us. 

All of us have gifts that the Lord has given us and we have not used them. Some of us have misused them some of us a holding on to them because we don’t want to share. 



Don’t be like Solomon, yes he had great wisdom and understanding as far as a seashore but what good is it if we don’t use it for the Kingdom of God?  

Solomon is found in 1Kings. He also wrote 3,000 proverbs many of them are in the book of Proverbs. Please keep in mind Solomon did some amazing things he built temples but just like you and I we start doing good until sin enters our eyes and heart to cause us to change direction. 

Have a great day today.


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