What can You do as A Christian?

When you hear things such as tragic events do you ever ask yourself “what can you do as a Christian”?

So many things are happening to so many people and so many things are happening around the world.

Today I would like for us to look inside of our hearts and see what is really in there.

So often when we hear about stuff we open up our mouths and say things which we have heard others say or we say it because it’s the right thing to say.

Ask yourself today “what can “YOU” do as a Chrsitian?  Because this will take some examination of our hearts I don’t expect no comments.

I know for myself its so easy to say “I am praying for you” but I believe in my heart that Jesus wants us to do more then just pray. Amen

Lord Jesus may we be like You. Lord our hearts are no where right with You. It is wicked. Lord show us how to love and Lord when our flesh wants to resist I ask YOU Lord Jesus to stop us right in our tracks. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

Matthew 25:35-40


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