Those that are Weary and Burdened

Matthew 11:28 says” come to me, all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.

As you look at this photo of this woman what do you see? We see her carrying baggage,  that is right. But did you notice the kinds of baggage that  she is carrying?


What else do you notice about this woman? She walks with a lean,  that’s right.  But why is she learning?

Her story is no different then yours and mine. When we don’t go to the Lord when we are heavy laiden we too walk with a lean.

Did you know that throughout your day circumstances comes your way, that are trying to get us to carry their burdens? And because these burdens are so slick and cunning we end up carrying their bags

Then by the end of our day we begin to feel tired and we want rest. I guess so because we are carrying things that our body was never created to carry.

Only Jesus can carry thay burden won’t you give it to Him today.


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