The After Life…

Hebrews 9:27 says’ And just as it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment

Every person has inquired about the after life, reason being we want to know what will happen once we die.. and yet there remains one thing that we haven’t asked ourselves. If we are really concerned about the After Life then why won’t people believe the Gospel? Most people think or believe that their physical body will stay in the ground with dirt but that is not the end. The after life is where a person will spend eternity, and there is only two places we can go heaven or hell.

And though many people in our society don’t believe in hell or heaven they will live in one of these places. But by then it will be way too late for one to change their mind and choose which place they rather live. Because once you are dead and you died without Jesus being your Lord and Savior and you did not repent and ask Him to come into your life then your eternal resting place is hell, where you will be tortured all day log by Satan and his demons.

There is not a moment of rest for a tortured soul. But if you accept Him now and ask Jesus to come into your life and live for Him then when you physical body dies your spirit man will rein with Jesus in Heaven. It’s never God’s plan for man to live in hell Jesus said He wish none should perish but God gives us all free will and so you have to make your own decision.

So may say well that is not a nice thing for God to do is punish people all because they don’t accept His Son but God tells us the only way to heaven is by the Son. God is a God of Love, Mercy, and He is also a God of Justice and He is sovereign which means when we break His commandments and live for ourselves we are telling Him that we don’t care for His plan for our lives. And yet my heart aches for those who are seeking all these questions concerning the after life but yet they won’t listen to you tell them about Jesus and how much He loves you and want you to live with Him in heaven.

All for them one day will see for themselves that they was wrong for they are going to see that there is a heaven and hell and they are going to wish they could change their mind and accept Him as Lord but it would be to late…They got to do it now, the day of salvation is today, don’t harden your heart all because you refuse to sense the Lord speaking to your heart, because once you are in the ground and without Jesus it’s too late….And if you happen to be here after Jesus comes and gets His children those times from what I read in Revelation are doing to be extremely bad do it today while you have breath in your body…AMEN


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