Praise Report

This morning I want to share a praise report with you. But before I get into it let me first say this. When you and I leave matters in the Lord’s hands He is faithful to take care of it.


In the year of 2012 me and my sister relationship was torn. We have always had a close relationship because my parents taught us the value of love.

During that time she and I had no contact for a whole year. And so instead of me trying to contact her I prayed that the Lord will bring healing.

At first when it happened I was hurt because I missed our talks we would talk sometimes three times a day.

Maybe as you are reading this you are passing judgement or saying how can I speak abour the Lord and yet me and my sister are not talking.

Believe me I already questioned myself long time ago. I knew that Jesus could do more then me I just needed to let go of it.

Yesterday evening my sister called me and for some reason I was nervous. I kept quite while she talked. She called to ask for forgiveness. After she spoke I told het that I had forgiven her long time ago and that I was waiting on Jesus to work it all out.

It felt so nice to talk to her again we talked and talk as if nothing ever happened. 

I even called my husband at work to tell him what the Lord had done. He was so excited and happy for us.

Maybe today you and a love one has been separated. My only advice is to first forgive them second pray for the Lord to bring healing and last you leave it in His hands and watch what Jesus will do.

Father I thank You for being GOD.  I am always amazed by Your hand. Lord there are people right now who are hurting from torn relationships I pray that they come to You first for only You know man’s hearts. I speak healing and forgiveness to those who are hurting. In Jesus name I pray. Amen


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