Coming Together

Mark your calendars for Wednesday February 12th 2014 at 7:00pm EST  I will have the phone lines open. You might be saying well what is this for? I am so glad you asked. As you know there are times when I post podcast here on this site for your devotion.

I am wanting to do something a little more close up and personal. You can call in for prayer, you can share a praise report, you can share what the Lord has placed on your heart you can share whatever you want that is uplifting.

All of this is done from the comfort of your very own home, now how amazing is that.  To me this is very AWESOME!

To join in you will have to dial (218)-862-7200 the operator will ask for access code, key in 111600 once you key in the access code you will be on the phone lines with me. Make sure you check Google to find out the time zone so you can join in.

I look so looking forward to having you join in and keep in mind you can stay as long as you want too. It’s not time at all. AMEN



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