Humility Is Strength

James 4:6 God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.

Pride causes God to turn from our prayers and withhold His grace. When I was in my twenties I was a very prideful person. My mother would tell me all the time that I needed to stop being so prideful and that I needed to be humble.
Humble I said ” no way” that is for weak and low self-esteem people. I had way to much confidence to be weak.

When I accepted the Lord into my heart I kept hearing about this word humility and pride. I still didn’t want to accept what I was hearing. For me, I believed that one has to have some form of pride.

Needless to say my self pride did destroy me it was on that day that I realized that I was wrong and needed a heart change.

I lost everything that I thought then was important,  I lost a very prestigious career, I alienated my family and friends that people didn’t wanted to have me around them.

I had no idea of how much of a mess that I had wrecked my life. But you what the grace of God was given to me and I knew that I didn’t deserve it.

From that day and time the Lord dealt with me accordingly. Years have passed since that time and I am so thankful that the Lord dealt with me.

Yes, it was a hard lesson I struggled but I am a much better person today then I was then. Maybe you are having a hard time understanding humility my prayer is that you go to Jesus now and ask Him to help you now before you destroy yourself and others all because you want to remain prideful.

The Lord Jesus has our best ineterest in mind. He wants you and I living in pure truth and free from lies and deceptions that will eventually destroy us. Amen


5 thoughts on “Humility Is Strength

  1. Amen! I once had a mentor tell me “God dosen’t desire to humiliate you. He wants to humble you.” That was good. I wish I had known though that while God doesn’t wish our humiliation He will allow us to come to a point where our own actions end up humiliating us in order to produce true humility. I think it’s a process every Christian needs to go through in one way or another.

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