Is Monday’s A Struggle

Monday Morning do it again: Okay, the alarm clock has gone off you hit the snooze button to get a little more sleep but instead of sleeping you lay there thinking about all the things you must do today. What meetings and errands and projects you have to do. WOW! Your mind is going a mile a minute and you haven’t even gotten out of bed yet. This has disaster written all over it.

Finally you get out of bed only to run towards the kitchen and get breakfast ready for your family, packing lunches and answering the kids questions as they ask where is my notebook? Hubby asking you are you going to pick up the dry cleaning after work, you asking hubby is he going to be working late tonight, Joey wants to know can he go to his friend’s house after school? All of this taking place and now you asking yourself” how am I going to get all this done today?” Now you feel overwhelmed but yet you know these are things in which must be done

Now everyone has eaten their breakfast and out the door to catch the school bus hubby kisses you and go out the door now it is just you and the coffee and the newspaper. As you eat your breakfast you think about why are my Monday’s always like this? You ask what can I do to change it so it can be much smoother and easier for me and my family?

Did you know almost half of American homes go through this every Monday in the home? The reason is because they have set their minds on a trend that they dread Monday mornings, I believe if we would approach Monday as a new fresh start and embrace it with positive thoughts we would come to deal with it a lot easier. In order for us to see Monday’s as a blessing we must look at it in a different perspective. No wonder during the day we end up hating the day and we wish Monday will go away. Change your perspective and the outcome will be greater

Enjoy your Monday


3 thoughts on “Is Monday’s A Struggle

  1. I agree with this totally! Every Monday morning does not have to be a struggle. We can change our perspective, plan ahead and do what needs to be done to make it a day just like any other in the week. Mondays are indeed blessings – each and every one.

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