What a Lovely View

First I want to say good morning and happy Saturday to you and yours, second I want to wish all of you a very happy belated Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope you all made such wonderful memories with your loved one.

For the laSnow Storm 1 footst 72 hours here on the East Coast we have surely seen a lot of snow. In my neighborhood alone we got a foot of snow.  We have also had our share of ice storms as well within these hours. And even now when I woke up this morning and opened my blinds for the morning what did I see? That’s right it’s snowing again.

I believe we all know just how much damage snow and ice storms can do. Many people complaining about it kids have missed so much time from school they already used up all their snow days. Businesses have been closed. Many people are wanting Spring to get here very fast and you can’t blame them.

And even in all the negative things about what these storms can do there is also a much brighter side, at least I think so. Snow has a way of making the air clean, I bet you never thought of it like that right? Snow soaks into the ground so that it gives the earth water so rivers and lakes don’t dry out.

And yet for me I can complain as well and say I am tired of the snow and ice but I haven’t complain about it I have already asked myself “why aren’t you complaining about it”? My answer is this we haven’t had this much snow in four years and second, snow has a way of slowing us down. I take it as though the Lord wants us to slow down and learn to be appreciative.

For instance when the schools are closed and no one can get out doors everyone in the family are all together having that family time. They are having meals at the same time, they are actually talking and having a great time as a family. They are drawn closer to one another.

Sometimes God has to change our environment in which we live in to show us what is more important. Maybe you are having cabin fever your power may be out but look at how close you and the family have drawn closer all because of this storm. That my sisters and brothers is priceless.

Enjoy your family while they are with you.


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