Lessons from a block

memorizing scripturesRemember when you played with blocks and how you would get them to stack up on top of each other? Always trying to build something to stand tall. What joy we got when the blocks actually would stand without falling.

From there you entered preschool and the teacher taught you your alphabets, you would trace them on paper and before long you could say and write the alphabets.

The blocks in our lives now are not as fun as they were when we were younger these blocks that are trying to stack up against us are, afraid, burdens, crisis, defeat, excuses, fatigue, and so forth.

The only way we can stand up without falling is to have the word of Jesus in our hearts knowing that He will give us abundant life, boldness, compassion, discernment, endurance, and forgiveness to be able to stand without falling, amen!

Have a blessed Sunday…




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