Is your faith shattered? Or is your faith unmoveable

It’s easy to say that your faith is strong , until you find yourself in a situation where your faith is being tested. All though out scripture we see men and women who had faith and each time they found themselves having their faith tested.

You and I are no different then the people in the bible days, we are hit with adversities and difficulties and we must take the lesson and see where our faith stands. Whebroken glassn our faith is not moved we are like a glass standing still, but when the waters comes a rushing like a mighty wind, then the force of the seas and winds can cause our faith to swing back and forth.

Many of us find ourselves where our faith has completely shattered like glass, now we stand and look at the glass under our feet and we wonder what to do next. When your glass breaks it’s not that you did not know God’s word it broke because you did not have the faith to withstand the winds of the sea.

It’s one thing to say I know God’s Word but it’s a whole different thing to apply God’s Word to your life. In life there will be many things that each one of us will endure rather small or great the one thing that is very important in our walk with the Lord is our faith. This life has no certainties there are a lot of unknown mysteries out there. Things will come our way to shake us and shatter us , but if we would truly get a grip of knowing what faith is then and only then can we really learn to live this life.

Your food4thought is this: Faith is what pleases God. Yes life will cause us to shake but don’t loose your faith just because you are shaken. Remember James tells that our faith in Christ is Faith in Action and Faith Unshakable. God bless and have a great and wonderful day.


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