Word today: Gracious

Psalm 145: 8 says” The LORD is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love.

I love this photo here it reminds me of how the Lord Jesus is so close to us. The bible says that He is closer to us then our own breath. I wonder at times do we even think about how close the Lord is with us. He goes everywhere you go, everything you look at He sees, every thought you are thinking He’s there.
He is there

There is no place that you and I can go that He will not be there. And so today on this Tuesday Morning I ask you to be more aware of Jesus being right by your side today.

What an assurance to know that the Lord is near. AMEN, as I sit here typing this looking at the photo I am feeling His presence so much that tears are coming from my eyes, because I too forget just how close HE really is to me. Why do we do it family? Do we take it for granted that Jesus is going to be there? Lord forgive me for ever taking You for granted. Wash me and cleanse me in the Mighty Name of Jesus I pray, AMEN




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