Be the Original

Psalm 139:1 says” You have searched me, LORD, and you know me. You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar.

Why do we compaBe Youre ourselves to others? We don’t like our hair so we change it we don’t like the size of our bodies and we change it we don’t like the sex that we are and we go and get sex change. We don’t like the color of our skin we change it.

Why are we doing all of this changing? I believe the reason is that we don’t like what the Lord created us to be.

People waste so much energy trying to be someone else when they are perfectly made the way the Lord God created them. Don’t you realize that no one else is like you? No one else can do what you do? You are special in many ways that is why the Lord created you.

Do you not know that it takes more time trying to be someone else? Be the original that God created you to be and I guarantee you will find so many treasures about yourself that you never knew about yourself, and then you won’t complain or try to copy someone else.

Original is always better than a fake…


11 thoughts on “Be the Original

  1. Amen! Love today’s word, especially since so many of us out there are trying to change ourselves into people we are not and will never be. Thanks for the reminder that an “original is always better than a fake”.

  2. This really touched my heart. It’s not something I share very often but when I was a teenager I spent a short time as a model. After I was married and had children I was diagnosed with MS… the steroids to treat flares and the daily injections took me from a 2 to a 12. Even as a woman in ministry, those worldly standards of perfect beauty still haunt me occasionally when I look in the mirror. I needed this… and I love it. Thanks for letting God flow through you.

    1. My dear sister thank you for sharing your testimony. May you always share it because there are many people who has and are dealing with what you spoke about. I am a firm believer that oyr struggles is to help others and the Lord is going to send people to you so you can bless them with your testimony.

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