Consequences for Sin

For the last several weeks I have been going back through the bible starting in Genesis and allowing the Lord to show me what to focus on. During that time He has been showing me “in Genesis chapter three the consequences for sin.

How sin came upon the earth, through Adam and Eve.

When Adam and Eve ate of the fruit, moral and spiritual death cam immediately. Morally, God’s life died in them immediately and their natural death became sinful.

They became corrupt and impure. Spiritually their relationship with God was destroyed. Can you imagine your relationship with Jesus being destroyed all because of you sinning?

From that moment the sinful nature has been passed on that was the beginning of “The Fall of Man”. And as with you and I today there are consequences for what we do. The Lord forgives us and cleanse us but don’t think that you are exempt from consequences.



4 thoughts on “Consequences for Sin

  1. This has really been on my heart recently as well, many think that they can just live life, do whatever they want to do (lie, cheat, manipulate, blackmail, deceive, steal, covet etc. etc. etc) and there will never be a consequence, but that isn’t the truth, and if they would look at the history of God, and the history of man (and woman) they would learn that their theology is incorrect, because the reality of all of this is that somewhere along the way we as a society have learned to make excuses for ourselves, and our immoral behavior that the bible, but more importantly God has said over and over again throughout history is wrong.

    Now what do we have but churches feeding the grace card in the sinners face, only making matters worse because what good does that grace card accomplish if the behavior is continuing only creating more, and more hurting people the longer that, that grace card is pulled in the name of Jesus.

    Jesus wouldn’t condone a quarter of the behavior that I see with my own 2 eyes around me that has been going on right inside of the church that I attended over the last 5 years, but try telling them that without them pulling yet again the grace card in their own defense. Christianity is about so much more than grace, and the fact of the matter is that sin does have consequences and no one is immune to them.

    Great post!

  2. Perhaps, since Jesus has entered the world, we can say that the fall of man has become the fall of man into grace and that the consequences of his death and resurrection far outweigh the consequences of our actions and the trials we suffer in this world as a result of our actions. Blessings!

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