Happy Birthday To “ME”

Good Morning and Praise the Lord God Almighty!!!

birthdayToday is “MY Birthday yes that is right. …I always look forward to my birthday, it has so much meaning for me. For one I share this day with my mother, I was born on my mother’s birthday March 19th. What a blessing that is for the both of us. Each year me and mom would celebrate this day together. Not many kids and parents share the same birthdays you know.

For the last four years I haven’t been able to share this day with my mother for God has called her home with Him. This year’s birthday is a little extra special because I have reached a new era in numbers I am Fifty years old. (Yeah) I am the big five-O) and I am excited. The ladies at work yesterday said welcome to the club you are going to enjoy it.

I have been thinking about how I really want to celebrate my day and I thought what better way for me to do this is to go back and do some of those things that I use to do as a child. I just want to have fun no fancy stuff no fancy dinner just be a kid. And so today I am going ice skating, roller skating, Arcade, laser tag and what ever else I want to do. The fun will begin at 11:00am EST I will be at the roller rink with my skates on I am so excited about turning fifty.

The Lord has been good to me, when I see all the different changes in my life there were some rough spots that I had to endure and through it all I am still standing, for none of them took me out. The Lord kept me and it’s an honor to still be here. Thank you Jesus for allowing me to see Fifty!!!

May you all have a wonderful day today.


14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To “ME”

  1. Happy Birthday Desirayl. Psalm 91: 16 “With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation”

  2. Happy, Happy, Birthday, Desiray! Bless you today as you share your birthday with your mother. My mother’s birthday is today as well, however she has passed on and is now in heaven above. We have much in common since my birthday was yesterday, and my husband’s is today. I hope today is a joyous one for you filled with peace and happiness! I know how special it is to “share” the day with your loved one, as I wrote of it in my post. We are thinking alike on our common ground…..Blessings to you.

    1. Sis we are thinking so much a like. We do have this in common and it is going to draw us even closer. Thanks for the blessings. I will be over to your page.

  3. Thank all of you so very much for wishing me a happy birthday. i had a marvelous day yesterday. Did everything I wanted to do…again thank you so much it means allot to me knowing that you took time to wish me a happy birthday

  4. Happy belated birthday. We share March birthdays – i am march 18 so we are also neighbors. LOL. Aren’t babies the best?

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