Living Spiritual in this Secular World

I want to thank all of you who took the time to write me a birthday blessing, it meant so much to me it really showed me just how much you do care about me. I had an amazing day yesterday I sure did do everything I wanted to do. The ice-skating was great next time I have got to gloves it is so cold in there. Only fell down once. (Laugh)

What area in your life do you need want more scriptures?  I know this sound a bit off the wall but stay with me on this. When I look at all the areas in my life there are some areas in which I really struggle and then there are areas which I do okay I won’t say I do well because none of us do well.

One of the areas in which ITest the Spirit am wanting to get better in and that is how to handle everyday life from God’s word? Let’s talk about it folks, because everyday living is not easy we are face with decisions and challenges, even the basic of things can be a struggle, right? For instance “how do you deal with conflict” we know what the word says but do we do what the word says” and then if we are doing what the word says and your flesh gets upset how do you handle that?

How many of you know that Daniel really dealt with a lot of things from a king telling him he could not worship His God. And through all of it Daniel remain faithful to God?

God’s desire for us is to remain faithful in this secular world in which we live in and it’s not easy it’s hard but it can be done, we can’t give up we can’t compromise just to take the heat off of us we can’t reason so the world will like us. We have to remain faithful in everyday life and the way we do that is by communicating with Jesus every second we have.

Often times as I am reading the bible and I see how men and womans lives are being transformed I say to myself, good thing I wasn’t born during that time? I don’t know how these men and women did it? Then reality hits me and the Lord will remind me “Desiray you are living in the time now, you face the same things they face, your no different. You have to do what these men and women did they remained faithful even in the toughest of circumstances. For I am the same God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob as I was with them I am with you!

This post today is to cause you and I to think..I pray that the Holy Spirit touches your heart that you desire to live Spiritual not religious. AMEN


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