Know the Word and Yet no Relationship

John 5:39-40 says” You diligently study the scripture because you think that by them you posses eternal life. These are the scriptures that testify about me. Yet you refuse to come to be to have life.

What is John saying to us? John is saying that there are people who quote scripture and they have no relationship with Jesus what so ever. Do you know people like this? Are you one of them?

Though many of the Jews knew what God’s Word said they did understand what it really meant and verse thirty-eight speaks of this. The Jewish leaders even studied the scriptures in detail and yet they not understand nor did they accept the One of whom the Word spoke of.

It shows us that simply knowing what God’s Word says, or even believing and following it to a degree, is not enough to save you spiritually. One must ask and accept Jesus into their hearts in order to live a devoted life by following Jesus.

In our society today we have many people who actually believe that if they are kind if they treat others well that this is going to get them into heaven. And on the other hand we have those who profess that they are born again and they have no real relationship with Jesus Christ.

Do you know Him personally? Or have you just heard of Him. That was the problem with the Jewish leaders they did not know Him they thought as long as they studied the word they be okay. What a lie and deception the enemy had told them and still today 2014 we still have people listening to the lies of the enemy. Family and friends know Jesus for yourself, don’t go by what others have written what others have said “you must know Him for yourself” because if you don’t you will never know how REAL HE IS!! AMEN



3 thoughts on “Know the Word and Yet no Relationship

  1. Great post Desiray. Hope all is well with you. I havent been commenting much and gotten very behind on the blogs due to surgery but havent forgotten my fellow bloggers. Hope to be commenting and posting more really soon. Thank you as always for great posts Desiray!

    1. Good day Elaine is everything okay with the surgery? Take it easy as you already know. I do appreciate you stopping by this morning. I am doing well my dear., trying to stay focus you know..

      1. Recovery is coming right along as expected Desiray. Thank you for asking. I had a knee replacement done and I’m looking forward to being able to walk a lot more and for longer distances as I heal. It’s been less than two weeks but by warmer weather I will be able to be outdoors and exercising more. Praise the Lord for being with me through the whole process!

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