Sunday’s Best

How do you spend your Sundays? For many people Sunday’s have different meanings. For some it’s a day of rest, other’s it’s a another day. Some people work on Sundays.

When I was a little girl for us Sunday’s meant family time, we would start it off by going to church then after service we spent the day as a family, We could not go and hang out with our friends because Sundays was family, mom would prepare a nice  dinner and we girls would be playing in the family room or helping mom set the table,

The  moment we say down at the table we gave God thanks for the day and then mom and dad would ask each of us girls what we learned in church today,

After dinner was over we would read or play games as a family, At first I never understood why we could not play with our friends but once mom and dad explained it to us, I saw the reason and understood, My parents wanted us to know the value in spending time with family,

In our culture today we have gotten away from the family values, we aren’t spending that quality time like we should, life comes and goes but family is a value that none of us can let die, I thank my parents for the valuable lesson,  And it’s that same lesson I passed on to my daughter,


2 thoughts on “Sunday’s Best

  1. Oh if only more people still felt that way about Sunday and, I might add, holidays as well, being family time. I grew up in the 50’s when stores were not open and it was an assumed thing that these were family times. Oh how I wish we could return to those days. What a different world it would be!

  2. I agree with you Elaine, I too remember when stores was closed, and families had more time, The world is changing but I am not going to put aside my values to please the world,

    BACK DOING those times kids never got into so much trouble like we are seeing in today’s world, when a child got in trouble in school the teachers actually would call the parents immediately, There was no such thing as sending notes home,

    We need to get back to the basic of what the bible teaches about family

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