The Blessed Womb

Genesis 29:31 When the LORD saw that Leah was not loved, he enabled her to conceive, but Rachel remained childless.



What an amazing change of events took place in Leah’s life, as you know the story Jacob married both Rachel and Leah, and when the Lord saw that Leah was not loved by her husband he blessed her womb so that she can have a child.

From the moment Jacob saw Rachel he was in loved he wanted to marry her right away but their dad whose name is Laban said that Jacob had to work for him seven years in order to have her hand in marriage. You know the rest of the story because when the seven years was up Laban failed to give Jacob his daughter Rachel he gave him Leah for it was customary for the oldest to marry first.

The first child was name Reuben the second was Simeon the third was Levi and the last child name was Judah which means praise.  All of this happen to bring about the tribe of Israel  and though there was some imperfections in this family God’s accomplished His plan.

Sometimes in life and in our lives we don’t always know what is happening behind the scenes we look at the here and now and we get frustrated while all along the Lord has bigger plans.

I believe if you and I was in the situation that Leah and Rachel was in we would become jealous of the other we would compete for Jacob’s love. Maybe today your situation is out of control the person who is to love you has neglected you, and you have wrecked your mind in thoughts because none of the events that has taken place makes any sense to you at all.

I want you to know right now at this very moment that Jesus has seen the neglect and He will bless in spite of the mess that is surrounding you. Remember nothing gets pass Him, Lord I know that you will intervene and make the crocked paths straight in Jesus name I pray AMEN.



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