Conversations with our Minds

Our mind likes to have talks with us,it distracts us from what we are doing, especially when we are following the Lord Jesus.

The conversation goes something like this. Does this sound familiar?

It’s time to GO! I’ve been fooling around with you (self) for years and listening to your mess and the only thing you’ve done for me was bring me more misery then I can stand. But enough is enough today I tell you to take aback set. How many times have I missed great exploits for my life how many times have I lost so much, how many times have you said you will be my buddy, all to often you played me like a harp and I kept on listening and hanging out with you.

Many nights I’ve cried myself to sleep from all the disappointments and hurts and pain all because you said you knew this would work. Yeah it worked alright..but not for the good of me. The only person who screamed and cheered for you was you (self) but no more because today I tell you to take a back seat. It’s time for me to stop listening to you and follow what’s in my heart. But even with that I am not sure if my own very heart would lead me right. Over the years it’s been coated with mud.

This is an example of one of my conversation that I use to have…I thank God I don’t have these as much as I use to. Maybe as you read this your thinking “wow” how can you have those thoughts? First let me start by saying I am not perfect, I have days where I gotta fight the enemy I have to keep my mind on the word.


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