Ten Commandments

Exodus 20: 1-17  “The Ten Commandments”
Question:  Are they still for today’s Christian? What was the purpose of The Ten Commandments? 

 10 commandmentsGod gave Moses the law on Mount Sinai. The Law can be divided into three categories, (a) the moral law, dealing with God’s rules for holy, morally pure and right living. (b) the civil law, dealing with Israel’s legal and (c) social life as a nation and the ceremonial law, dealing with the form and ritual of Israel’s worship of the Lord.

And what most Christians seem to have forgotten is that we are to never do away with the Ten commandments, Jesus Christ came to fulfill the law not get rid of it. How can anyone deny the Ten Commandments and say that it was for then and not now. Everyone of them applies to us today.

I think what has happen is that many of us don’t wanna believe that we are to apply the Old Testament as well to our lives.  Yes Jesus came to give us Grace through Salvation and if we took our time reading these commandments we will see that these same words shows up in the New Testament as well.


If you don’t believe it’s for today then my question to you is why? Could it be that you are part-taking of one of these commandments?



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