Are you Neglecting Jesus?

When it comes to prayer all through scriptures we read how the people of God are to pray. God spoke to the first man about prayer, Jesus came and He spoke about prayer. He also taught His disciples how to pray. So that there will be no misconceived ideas about how we are to pray.

Today I am not going to go into the reason as to why we should pray, I am not going to go into the many excuses we make concerning prayer, but what I am gonna do is say this. The main reason that we as believers don’t pray like we should is because we don’t have a close relationship with Jesus. “Many of us spend more time with our friends then we do with the Lord. Reason being is because we are close to them, they are part of us. We care about them, they care about us.When a person has a close relationship with Christ they are always seeking Him, they are so eager to hear what He has to say to them.

If we can do this with our friends why aren’t we doing this with Jesus? I tell you why? Because we lost our first love, for Christ. We neglected to spend time with God, we see it as a chore instead of a relationship.

The men and women who constantly prayed to God was people who did not neglect their relationship with God. We got it so easy today that we have neglected our first love.

Daniel was a one of many who sought the Lord throughout his day. Even when he was going to be thrown into the fire along with the three Hebrew boys, Daniel never neglected his relationship with God. When King Neburcuzzar declared a decree in the land that everyone was going to worship the golden image, Daniel prayed three times a day. And though he was arrested and taken to the lion’s den Daniel believed that God was going to rescue him, but what I also like about his faith was that he told the King that even if God does not rescue him, Daniel was not going to bow down and worship their god.

What made Daniel different? It wasn’t that he prayed three times a day, what made him different was that Daniel knew in his heart that his relationship with God was more important than anything in life. Let’s take the temperature of our relationship with Christ, shall we? And be honest with yourself, because if you aren’t the Lord will show you how you have neglected Him.

In closing, nothing should ever come before the Lord Jesus Christ. Don’t wait until you have a need before you spend hours reading, worshiping and praying, for the Lord knows  your heart. He knows that had you not had a need you would not be doing what you are doing now that you have a need. AMEN


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