Acts 2:42-47 They devoted themselves to the apostles teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.

Many churches today desire to pattern themselves after the New Testament church in hopes of experiencing that same power, growth and effectiveness that it had.

Fellowship1The first Christians  were deeply devoted to Christ’s message. For that reason they paid close attention to those who had been direct commissioned by Jesus to deliver his original message and establish the church. As a result of their deep hunger for God’s Word, the early Christians were spiritually nourished and grew strong in their faith. They were a Word-centerd church.

Not only were Christ’s followers in the early church devoted to their primary relationship with God, but they also were committed to building open, honest and spiritually encouraging relationships with God’s people. They spend much time together and depended on one another. They were unified in love and purpose, they were a relationship-building church.

Now with all that being said, how do we compare to those of the early church? We are apart of the body when the early church did this the Lord GOD added to them daily, the early church saw those Miracles and Miraculous signs and wonders.

Yes, today’s church is wanting to see what the early church saw and yet some how we have missed it, we think it requires somethings we try all sorts of things to make it happen. When all we really have to do is read what it says in Acts 2:42-47 the Lord God word makes it very plain, it’s called The Fellowship of the Believers” once we start actually doing what the word says we too will begin to see what the early church saw. AMEN!

Have a wonderful day today.



2 thoughts on “Fellowship

  1. Amen the Early Church was Powerful and we ought to seek to pattern ourselves after it. I Believe we will see more Miracles Signs and Wonders. We must truly decrease so that he can increase. Thank you for sharing about True Fellowship.

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