Mercy, Does mercy exist within you?

Matthew 5:7 says’ blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.

When it comes to “Mercy” we want it for ourselves but we are reluctant to give it to others, and why is that? Could it be that we don’t think they deserve it? Truth be told neither do you?

Let’s look at an example and see if mercy is what we give.

  • Let’s say that you planned a romantic dinner for you and your  spouse, but hours have passed and your spouse comes in the door three hours late.  Are you going to show your spouse mercy or are you going to be mad and start with negative words without hearing what kept them from being home on time?
  • What about your daughter, you and her made plans to go and pick out a dress on Saturday, but instead she has forgotten and she went with her friends and when she come home she shows you the dress. Are you going to show her mercy or are you going to be upset and make her feel bad.

Everyday you and I are faced with making a decision to show mercy or not to show mercy. Regardless of how we are disappointed by others we must show mercy.

You know why we must? Because every second of the day the Lord Jesus gives us Mercy, He gave us mercy while we were yet sinners. Jesus who is perfect gives sinners mercy when we don’t deserve anything from Him, who are we to not show the same mercy to someone else.

Jesus could have said I am not going to give them mercy, for they have rejected God, and His word. But see He didn’t do that did He? So the next time someone or something happens before you get all hot under the collar show mercy towards others. It will go well with your soul.

Have a blessed day today


2 thoughts on “Mercy, Does mercy exist within you?

  1. True mercy is based on the ability to Love others! Agape Love, that unconditional, Godly Love that comes from the Father. That kind of love is an action, you have to GIVE it and thus mercy is something that is given in love. Sadly, many today are selfish, lost in self and selfishness is the OPPOSITE of love because selfishness is conditional and only deals with how the selfish person thinks and acts. Christ showed mercy because of His Love for the Father and for the Father’s Creation, He gave mercy (also an active attribute, “a fruit of the Spirit”) by dying on the Cross for the Love of ALL mankind.
    Great devotion and exhortation. I loved it!
    Also, thanks so much for stopping by my new blog. I don’t believe in coincidence, but rather the leading of the Holy Spirit and the only way to have found you and your ministry (service) was for the Holy Spirit to have led you my way!
    God bless you in your continued service (ministry) to the Lord AND to His creation and especially all who come through your site. I will be back and will make time to read more of your articles. I will be following. Again, God bless you richly!!

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