Pondering statement: Self-Worth

Song of Solomon 4:7 says” You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.

self worthWhy does a person identify who they are by what they do?

Sadly enough many people in the world identify themselves by what they do. Rather their in Corporate America, or bus driver. What a person does in life will never determine who you are. What makes a person is what is in the heart.

Why does a person struggle with believing in themselves?

When a person does not believe in themselves they tend to take on characteristic of someone else and they pretend to be that person. Not realizing that they have added a much bigger burden on themselves because they can’t walk in that persons shoe.

This brings on depression, addictions and so many other darken secrets.

I’ve chosen these two because they have something in common and that is “YOURSELF” know who you are and believe in yourself. Why? Because if you don’t believe in yourself others won’t either, you can’t wait for a person or persons to come and tell you who you are. You must know that for yourself.

Don’t end up with regrets of not knowing who you are, for when you know who you are you will believe in yourself. AMEN


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