Compromise, why does a person do it?

Romans 12:2 say’s Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

do not compromiseWhat is Paul telling us? He’s speaking of compromise, he is telling us do not allow the world to mold you

Something for us all to think about. How many times have you compromised God’s Word so that you can entertain sin?

Now before you open your mouth and say NO. Stop lying, because rather you do it knowing or not you are sinning.

For instance lets say you wanna watch a movie but while watching it you hear foul language, but you tell yourself it’s okay because they aren’t using the Lord’s name.

Let’s say you saw one of your coworkers stealing and your boss comes and ask you about it. Will you do the right thing or will you say it’s none of your business?

Through out our day we are faced with decision, Satan would have us to entertain sin for a few seconds then to stand on God’s word.

Let each man examine his own heart. Anytime a person wants to continue in his or her sins the first thing they do is JUSTIFY their actions. And why does a person justify? Because they want to feel good about sin.


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