Manage Conflict


2 thoughts on “Manage Conflict

  1. Hi Desaray Thank you for visiting my blog. I thought your blog is very interesting and was reading thru some of it. I’d like to comment on the transparency. YOu made some great observations.

    I was reading in Isaiah Chapter 6 where Isaiah says “woe is me, I am a man of unclean lips”. He says that he is undone. And then God sent His angel who cleansed him. God desires that people not only be saved and come to Christ, but to be transformed into HIs image in the inner man. Romans 8:29. In that same Isaiah passage God cleansed Isaiah.

    I have also been saved April of 1977 but needed cleansing. God has continued to cleanse or purge me in the inner man. Jesus tells us in the Sermon on the Mount not to take the spec or find fault with our brother, but to look at the log in our own eye and deal with our own issues. Jesus tells us this b/c the world does enough judging and fault finding. We must be different and stand out from the world, i.e. be transparent so that they can see that we are not perfect.

    One example of the world being fault finding is in the Gospel of Luke, when Simon the Pharisee spoke of the sinful woman who cried tears on Jesus feet. When we are all sinners in need of Jesus, we should all be crying at the foot of Jesus!

    Please stay in touch and I will follow your blog. Blessings, Bob

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