Our Vacation

What an amazing exciting vacation me and my husband had. We went to Massanutten Resort, a four season resort located in McGaheysville, VA 22840.Vacation Massenutthen June 20 2014 009

If you love mountains and plenty of green scenery then this is the place for you. The view of this place is so amazing, everywhere you go all you see are those beautiful mountains. (How can anyone deny that their is a God when you see His creation)?


Vacation Massenutthen June 20 2014 008Oh my goodness  Luray Caverns no words only GOD did this.

Basketball, tennis, go carts, biking, hiking, hot-tubs, water park, and I took Zumba class, oh my gosh ladies that class wore we out( lol)  I had no idea it was that intense, an hour of nothing but Cardio.

Every time we go there we come back refresh with a whole new outlook on life, ourselves and most definitely  a stronger faith in Jesus. What I love about this place is that they have activities for everyone, you name it they got it. Each day we did something. We meet some wonderful families who was from everywhere across the world, which I was surprised to even know that these families would come that far.

Vacation Massenutthen June 20 2014 014I would like to share a few photos of some of the things we did and saw, I wish I could share them all but then that would be an album and I don’t think I can upload that many on this site.

(this is the mini-ture golf we played. who won’t love playing golf with the sound of water streaming down. so relaxing.


Vacation Massenutthen June 20 2014 016




Enjoy your Sunday and have a blessed day.


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