Recognizing God in Your Everyday

Matthew 7:7 says” Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you:

answered prayerMany of us when we go to the Lord in prayer asking we tend to walk away with not believing that God is going to answer our prayers. I do believe it is our approach of why many of our prayers aren’t answered, it’s not that Jesus will not answer, it’s us because we come to Him doubting already in our hearts before we even ask. Remember Jesus words “He told us we must have faith” for without it, it is impossible to please God.

For about a year now our car was giving us all kinds of problems, every time we turned around something needed to be fixed. My husband wanted to get another car so bad we talked about the problems we was having concerning the car we even put more money into getting the things fix. But in my spirit I felt that Holy Spirit telling us that the time is not right. Continue to be faithful that was the word given to me.

One evening I will never forget my husband came to me and said baby I am not going to worry about this car any longer, let’s believe God for what He is wanting to do. We prayed that the Lord will keep the car running and that no more repairs needed to be done. We prayed for months about it, my husband even laid hands on the car. ( I know you are probably thinking why the laying hands on it? Well for one we don’t keep God in the box we believe He can do the extraordinary)

We believed in our hearts that God was going to give us His best we believed that God was going to give us another car, not on our time but on His time.  On June 26th 2014, while we was on vacation the air conditioning blew out of the car. Our first reaction was oh no not while on vacation, we can’t get it fix. We contacted Advanced Auto and the information they gave us was not good to get it fix it would cost at least a thousand dollars. We drove away and went back to the resort where we was staying and we just made up our mind that we was not going to let this get us down. We knew that God had everything in His hands and that there was no reason for us to be upset or stressed.

On June 28, 2014 that Saturday morning when we woke up we started taking our luggage and packing it in the car for it was check out time, the Lord spoke in my spirit for us to go and visit that Car Dealer that my husband inquired about a while back. When I told my husband this he was shocked he said are you serious I said yes I am.  When we got to the car dealer that same sales man was there that my husband talked to he said that he doesn’t have that deal any longer, I told the salesman that is okay. We aren’t here for that deal.

In thirty minutes the salesman returned and said what color car would you like? He said the bank approved you for a brand new car with no money down and low-interest, low car payment as well. He said that someone is with you guys because the bank they use never approve anyone with a middle credit score. Our scores aren’t A’s.  But like I told him yes we know who is with us it’s Christ Jesus.  Turns out that the sales person was a born again believer as well.

Before we even drove our brand new car off the lot the first thing we did was pray and thank God for blessing us and we gave the car back to Jesus for it is His and we thank Him for intrusting us with it. When I look back to the beginning of when problems started with the car, God wanted us to remain faithful with what we have, so often in life when something breaks we want to fix it right away but that is not always God’s plans, we must remain faithful to what He gives us. And though we had problems with the car we was still able to drive it.

Maybe this morning you have been asking God something in prayer, I want to encourage you to continue to remain faithful and keep the faith for it’s your faith that pleases God. He will not see you lose, He has your best interest. Regardless of what it might look like, keep your eyes on Him, and not your problem. AMEN


6 thoughts on “Recognizing God in Your Everyday

  1. Excellent testimony! I needed to hear that. I need to be patient waiting for God to answer my prayers in His time. I often try to fix it faster, only to get into more trouble. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Excellent testimony! I need to remember to wait on God for His timing in His answer. Too often I jump ahead and try to fix the problem myself. I then usually end up with more problems. Thanks for sharing and stopping by my post. Have blessed day!

    1. Thank you Tom it was my pleasure to stop by your post. I think we all jump ahead of God and try to fix things. I thank God that this time I did not. AMEN

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