Can “YOU” walk in their SHOES?

walk in my shoesCan you walk with me? How many times have we heard that saying “try walking in my shoes”

We are people of habit, we say things and don’t really know the impact or lack of it, or how it will affect someone. For example let’s say a good friend of yours comes to you telling you something that they are going through. And by the time  they finish telling you, the first thing you want to do is offer your advice and opinions. If they don’t ask you for your advice then don’t give it, what they want is for you to listen to them, not judge, no fault finding but simply listen to them.

Like I said the creature of habit.Try putting yourself in that persons shoes,  and see where they are coming from. Instead of offering your advice, ask “what can I do for you” But society has done such a number on us that we allow society to teach us how to talk and to respond to someone.

In all honesty you can never know what that person is going through if you have not walked in their shoes. Sure it is easy to say I feel sorry for you, or how could this happen to such a nice person. And this is where I believe that our humanity is weakening because it is not just enough to make comments and judge. It requires an action from us all.

Ponder on this for a moment; if you were going through something, what would you want someone to do to for you? Easier said then done, seeing someone else go through it is always easier until you see yourself in it.


6 thoughts on “Can “YOU” walk in their SHOES?

  1. Thanks , Desiray .. .God is teaching me this each day, placing special people in my life that just need me to listen , love and pray. God bless you!

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