A Smile Is What they Need

sunDid you know a simple smile can brighten someone’s day? Did you know that a smile does not cost a thing? Did you know a smile brings ease to a room? Just a simple smile can turn a person world upside down. With something so easy and cost absolutely nothing, why do we not do it as often?

Today I challenge all my readers to smile at every person you meet today, when your standing in a ling line, smile at the clerk, smile at the person who jumps in front of you. You know why, they need it, and so do you.

What brings a smile upon your face? Is it watching your 2-year-old trying to comb his or her hair? Or was it this evening when you was cooking dinner you put your cake pan in the microwave instead of putting it in the oven? It’s those little things like this which can bring a smile upon our faces. Smiles are meant to make us feel comfortable while putting us at ease, it also brings our stress levels down.

When you catch yourself doing silly things do still laugh at yourself? Others might wonder what you are laughing at? They may even ask what is so funny?  Remember how it made you felt, now go out and smile at the world. They need to see your smile.

Have a Blessed Weekend Everyone!


2 thoughts on “A Smile Is What they Need

  1. Good message. And a needed one. In fact a few weeks ago, I did a post encouraging people — and myself — to smile at everyone all day. I think maybe the Lord is trying to get a message across. Thanks for this reminder. I’m going to try to smile at everyone I see tomorrow. (I’m reading this at about 10:30, so today is almost history.)

    1. thank you Sandra and though it is almost history in the day I posted it and your reading it, we can still do it. It’s so easy when we smile if people understood it the benefit from it they would surely do it more often. I know I do it allot.

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