Best Friends, or Acquaintance

questionThis morning as I am sitting at my computer having a cup of coffee I was thinking about BEST Friends, we all have best friends and many of us have so many people who are our best friends. Then I began to wonder” do we really and truly have many best friends or are they acquaintances?” A best friend is someone who you can talk to about any and everything, a best friend is someone who will tell you when you are wrong. For they are looking out for your good, a best friend is someone who’s there when you need them.

Now an acquaintance is more like a buddy someone who you can hang out with someone who you don’t tell those deep secrets to, this person is there when things are good rarely are they there when things go wrong in your life. An acquaintance normally don’t put much effort into getting to know who you  are, they prefer just the surface of knowing you.

Today I challenge you to rethink about those you call acquaintance and those you call best friends, because at the beginning of any friendship we tend to confuse the two, but it’s not until later in life when we know the difference after the relationship has been tried.

Have A Blessed Day


7 thoughts on “Best Friends, or Acquaintance

  1. Sometimes we discover (later) that we should’ve spent more time with those ‘acquaintances’, because they would’ve made a wonderful best friend. 🙂

  2. Thank you for this post! After reading your post, I thought about my best friend. Our friendship started when were kids. Althought we live miles apart, she is my dearest friend and she genuinely loves me. What is so special about our friendship is that her entire family loves me and I am a part of their family. What a great blessing from God to have a friend for life! 🙂

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