Prayer Request: She needs a Miracle

Good Morning friends and family, I hope you and yours are well and that you are and had a great time in church today.

friend praying

This morning before me and my family leave to go to church this Sunday I am asking you for a small favor, would you please remember to say a prayer for a sweet young girl her name is Nicole who is in need of a healing from the Lord Jesus Christ. I found out yesterday that she has a serious concussion from an accident that she had, as of now she has to see a Neurologist because she is not able to control her motor skills of her hands.

This morning while I am at church I plan on going to the Altar and pray for her, I prayed last night as well. I know God will have His perfect will in her life. I have been witnessing to this  young lady for some time now and we have talked about Jesus Christ, she’s not ready to accept Him is what she told me, but how many of you know that everything is in His timing.

And so my hearts prayer is that though this is a bad situation that has happen to her I believe God will use this to bring her to His Son Jesus Christ that is what I am believing.

The bible tells us that we are to pray for one another, doesn’t matter if we know them or not we are given the word to pray and that is why I am asking you to join me in prayer for her healing and most of all her soul.

I thank you in advance for praying for her. She may not be a born again believer yet but God still created her. AMEN?


10 thoughts on “Prayer Request: She needs a Miracle

  1. Will do. Keep in mind the Centurion who asked the Lord to heal His servant. It will be done if that is what He wants. May God Bless all of you and those who suffer in Christ. Dont waste your suffering, offer it for the world and unite it with Christ and His suffering for the world. Lord reach out to this child and help her in the suffering she is experiencing. Love in Christ.

  2. Prayed for her recovery and also for the Lord to soften her heart and allow the seeds you have planted to grow and to bring her to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  3. I’m blessed by your devotion to the Word and to GOD’s beloved children. You can count on my interceding for her and for the many souls, lost, confused and hurting. May your tribe increase. GOD bless you more and more and more!

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