The Talk!

Talk to God

Let’s Talk Shall We? You’ve heard that saying! People have all types of talks don’t they?

  1. There is that talk that parents have with their children about sex.
  2. There is that talk that an employer has with his or her co-workers, then there is that talk about getting your finances in order. There is that talk about planning for your future and for when you die.
  3. There is that talk when a man and woman discuss the future of their relationship.

Seems like everyone wants to have that talk. And with everyone doing all this talking we struggle with the one talk that should be the easiest and that is our talk with Jesus! That’s right have a little talk with Jesus.

Talking to Jesus is so very easy, doesn’t matter what time of the day, He’s always there. Why do people find it difficult to talk to Jesus? Could it be that they can’t see Him face to face? But surely one can sense His presence?

Maybe you have been wondering how do you start the conversation with Jesus? Very simple my friend, just speak what is on your mind and in your heart. Let me ask you a question.

Before you meet your best friend wasn’t it odd talking to him or her for the first time? Of course it was because they was a complete stranger to you. You had to see if you to shared anything in common right? Over a period of time you saw that you both had allot of things in common. The more you too talked the closer the two of you became and a friendship was built.

It’s the same way with Jesus, you have to put some effort into, we can’t go around and say we don’t know how to for it’s obvious we know how to talk because we talk to people all day long. I think the reason people ask the question “how does one talk to Jesus” is because some people think that it’s some special type formula you have to follow in order to talk to Jesus. Folks there is “NO” formula when it comes to talking to Jesus. Look how God spoke to Israel, and God spoke to Israel in a vision at night and said, “Jacob! Jacob!” (Genesis 46:2) God awaits to speak with us and He desire us to come and speak to Him.

Make today the day you start talking to Him and get everything off your chest you just might be surprised at what He has to say to you.

Have a bless day.


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