Good vs Evil…do wrong it’s a sin

James 4:17 says’ Therefor to him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin.

How many times have you read the sales flyer and gone into that store to purchase that item that is on sale, only to find out that once you got to the check out it doesn’t ring up on sale?

How annoying is that and an inconvenience to you. The sales clerk tells you that there is nothing that he or she can do, they ask you do you still want to purchase the item?

 good and evil

In this scenario you have two choices you can pay the regular price or you can ask to speak to a manager on duty to see what the manager can do to strengthen out this matter.

(Nine times out of ten the manager will over-ride it and give the customer the sales price.

When we want something badly we surely do stand up for what is right as long as it benefits us don’t we? But why are we not standing up for the righteousness of God? We know the word, we know what God says about good and evil and yet we can stand by and let evil take place right in the very front of our faces and keep silence the whole time.

We know that lust is a sin and yet someone  can say to you that they are having an affair and you keep silent because you say to yourself it’s none of your business. We have states that are trying to make law that abortions are okay to do and when a petition comes around asking for your signature to legalize it you sign it.

James is telling us that when we don’t take a right stand for God’s word that we are sinning. That’s right, so to those who say it’s none of your business you don’t want to get involved you are just as guilty as the person or persons committing the sin all because you have chosen to do the evil instead of the good.
It’s amazing to me how we will stand for evil and all the deception it brings with it, we will stand in long lines as long as it benefits us, but the moment we gotta take a stand for God, only a few will stand up.

What will you do today when life comes to you today? It’s not always easy doing what is good, it’s not comfortable, but Jesus never said it would be, did he?

2 thoughts on “Good vs Evil…do wrong it’s a sin

  1. easy read! Thanks for doing the work of the Lord! And.. a big thanks for stopping by with ‘like’ 🙂

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