They rather believe a lie then the truth

Romans 1:25 says’ They exchanged the truth of God for a lie and worshiped and served created things, rather than the Creator who is forever praised.

Why the world doesn’t believe God’s word, as being truth

People tend to believe lies that reinforces their own selfish personal beliefs. Today more than ever we need to be careful about the input we allow to form our beliefs. With television, music and moves and the rest of the media, often presenting sinful life-styles and un-wholeness values we find ourselves constantly bombarded by attitudes and beliefs that are totally opposite of the bible. Be careful about what you allow to form your opinions. The bible is the ONLY standard of TRUTH!


9 thoughts on “They rather believe a lie then the truth

  1. Truly great words of wisdom to live by my friend. Thank you for sharing and may the Lord keep on blessings you abundantly as you walk out your purpose in this life speaking the truth and opening hearts and minds that God is who he says he is. “BELIEVE!”

  2. Amen and good Morning,

    We serve an awesome God who has given us His Word as our guide for life.
    Let everything that has breath praise The Lord. For He is worthy to be praised, Amen.
    Be blessed all and remember, in all that we do, do so as for The Lord. Amen

    1. Thank you for reading it and commenting. As Christians we have no other choice but to speak the truth even when it’s difficult. AMEN
      God bless you and please do stop by again.

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