Where is Your Faith?

This morning I want to talk to you about “FAITH” I’ve come to realize that people can read all the scripture verses on faith, they can do all the praying about faith read many books on the subject of faith and still don’t have faith! Why, is this possible, better yet how is it possible?

Hear His Voice
I believe it’s possible because we truly don’t have faith in God. Now before you get upset and decide not to finish reading this hear me out on this, you and I can have faith in people, in books we read in our relationships we even have faith that the moment we board a plane that the pilot will get us to our destination with no worries. And yet we don’t even know the pilot we haven’t even spoken to get to know him, but we put our faith in them because we know that he has been to flight school he has received his training and for us that is enough. So we sit on the plane worried free we put complete faith in the pilot.

We go to the doctors and our doctors tell us that we need to change somethings about our living and we do exactly what they say because we put complete faith in our doctors, for they have been to school received training and that is all we need to have faith in them.

We read certain authors not because we love what they write about no, we buy their books because we have faith in what they are saying. I am sure by now you get my point as to what I am saying about “Faith.” I’m not trying to tell you to stop these things what I am showing you is how simple it is to have faith, if we can put faith into objects and other people then why is it so hard for us to put our faith in God who is the giver of life?

One will “NEVER” be able to activate his or her faith in Christ if you continue to doubt HIM!

It’s more than us saying we have faith in God we must activate our faith..when we say we have faith and it does not produce a seed then you have been deceiving yourself.


4 thoughts on “Where is Your Faith?

  1. Wow! What an awesome way to start a week. Thank you and bless you Pastor.
    Gonna save this one. It’s like trying to bake a cake in an oven you’ve failed to turn on. A good amount of effort goes in to the preparation of a recipe but at the same time, if you don’t activate the oven you’re not going to get your desired results. Faith is activated in deeds. This deed begins by taking God at His Word. If God said it, you can believe it. He is not a man that he should lie. Believing God is counted unto us as righteousness.
    Who would want a friend that didn’t trust or believe you or in you?
    Would you, could you call this person friend? No, this is called an associate.
    You would not dare say to an associate, I have called you friend! This is how God knows a friend: Abel wanted to please God and this pleased God.
    So he set about finding out how to do it. Finally he said, if I give God my best, then He in turn will give me his best! Abel knew about approach! God is Holy! We are his servants. Abel offered God a blood sacrifice for the remission sin. Did God say to Abel He was hungry? If God was hungry He would not tell you.
    Abel’s deed was that he offered the blood sacrifice of the best lamb in his flock, believing the whole time it would please God, not even Abel’s parents had thought to make this offer, and unto this day we have the best blood sacrifice out of God’s flock. (raised and restored!)
    Abraham prepared Issac as a blood sacrifice though he was the promised child and this pleased God. His deed, he made the effort trusting God the whole time. Rahab’s red thread was a representation of a blood sacrifice. Spared because she simply believed that the God of Israel was able to deliver and this pleased God. Her deed, she hung the thread, trusting In God the whole time. Faith is activated in the deed of belief in the abilities of the
    I AM. Father, we understand that we are not saved by the workings of our human hands but by the workings of your awesome ability to grant us your divine grace. Lord, not only do you test hearts and weigh spirits, You make us to realize that you inspire the deed in teaching us to please you. Amen

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