Guarding Our Hearts

As people I don’t think we really think about what is in our hearts. Yet the bible clearly tells us to guard it

imageWhat does it mean to guard one’s heart? I am sure that we all can give a definition. But Jesus tells us that everything flows from our hearts.

Which means good and evil. Remember the heart is deceitful and wicked. So take heed to what you allow your eyes to watch, your ears to hear and what comes from your mouth.

Because whatever comes from that mouth of ours is really what’s in our hearts. AMEN


3 thoughts on “Guarding Our Hearts

  1. You have a couple of miss spelled words but, this is absolutely true. We might think that whatever we say we don’t really mean. But, in all honesty what first comes out of our mouths is how we really felt in the beginning. ! Always be careful of what you do, see and hear. I’m starting to learn how to guard my heart. Amen.!

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