Where Do You Stand?

We know that being a Christiastand firm in faithn is more to our walk then just saying we are Christians, right? Some Christians read their bibles daily, some even pray more than once a day and some of us are doing some type of service by serving others.

Of course this list goes on and on but for the most part we are doing something right? But I have to really wonder, if we are just only doing the minimum instead of being sold out for Jesus.

The bible says that a man should examine himself? Many people don’t want their lives exposed to God’s light because they are afraid of what will be revealed. What are we hiding that we don’t want God to see? Do you not think that He doesn’t already see it? Of course He does, the reason for examining ourselves is so that Jesus can make a change in us and remove what is dark in us. In other words remove sin.

Today I challenge you to do some real thinking about you calling yourself a Christian. Are you living like a Christian (which means Christ-like) or are you merely speaking words? In all the recent events that has taken place in our world we truly need to ask ourselves, where do we stand with Christ Jesus?

Many saints are standing on the fences while some are standing right in the middle of the battlefield. God will judge every one of us for the things we do and for the things we do not do, since we been saved. There will be no making excuses or  blaming someone else when we stand face-face with Jesus on that day of Judgement.

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