Gift of “Faith”

The gift of FAITH, now this is something that I know all to well because my mother had this gift I have never seen anything like it in all my life, to see such a gift like this operating in a person’s life is unbelievable, it’s all GOD.

gift of faith1

My mother’s faith was so much stronger and powerful than mine, she believed God no matter what I am not talking about saying you have faith she walked in that faith. Problems would come her way and the first thing she would say is  God is going to take care of me” there would be times I would be upset and say well mom God still requires us to do something you know and she would  say “Desi I am doing something I am walking in my faith.

It takes that type of faith that the Lord is looking for in all of His children, I do believe that God was using my mom to teach us about faith. God used her in some mighty ways.

Sometimes it will take higher levels of faith to pull down a major miracle from the Lord, and depending on where our faith levels are we will not be able to do certain things, why? Because the bible also says that every man is given a measure of faith. 

God  requires us to move out from our comfort zones and in order to do that, we must have this faith  to move where God calls us to go. All throughout the bible God called men and women out from their comfort zones. They was scared each one had to display their faith in order to be moved to the next level in God, had they not had the faith to step out they never would have seen the miracles in their lives.

Your challenge today is to check your faith level, see if you are on empty or half full, once you get the diagnose make the necessary adjustments so you can move higher in God. As for me I don’t want to be in the same spiritual place I was yesterday with God I want every day to be a new level, because yesterday was good for that day but I want my new tomorrows…AMEN


2 thoughts on “Gift of “Faith”

  1. I have had people roll their eye at me when I say that God is going to make a way for me and my family. Thank you for this confirmation that I am not being crazy or negligent! God bless you and your faith in Him!

    1. Debbie you are more than welcome. People who don’t understand will look at us like we are crazy, I can say this because I use to shake my head when my mother would do this. I could not understand how anyone could have that faith. And it wasn’t until my mother became sick that I started to see that she was so blessed to have that type of faith. I remember telling her often if I could have half of the faith that you have.

      And years later I too now am growing in that type of faith.

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