Locked AWAY

Good Morning and happy Thursday to you. One of the things I am so learning and that is to laugh at myself, not to take myself so serious. With that being said I want to share with you how my morning started.


Most mornings the first thing I do especially when I don’t have to work that day I go to the gym first then come back and post my devotions for you guys to read. This morning at the gym I amazed myself because I have been trying for so long to handle this machine called the “Elliptical”‘ the first time I tried that machine I was intimidated because it’s so huge. I could barely stay on it for no more then five minutes, aw the pain I was feeling in my muscles was painful.

But I kept telling myself I am not going to let this machine intimidate me I am going to overcome it. Well this morning to my amazement I stayed on that machine for thirty-minutes and burned 408 calories. I finally won, I beat that machine…so for my victory I decided to walk to the store and get me some coffee, I know you thinking I could make it at home, right? Of course but I wanted to walk.

I knew I could not carry my cell phone, coffee, keys and my protein bar. So  I placed my cell-phone  in my sock. Now here comes the funny part. When I looked down to see what it looks like I started to laugh because I said out loud, “people are going to think that I am on house arrest” I laugh pretty much all the way home. Then I started to think about how true that is for so many people. You and I may not be on the real house arrest like those who commit crimes, but what sins have we become chained to?

Being chained to anything other than freedom makes it our master, maybe you are still chained to your old ways of thinking, maybe you still won’t forgive those who have hurt you in the past, or maybe you can’t show love to yourself.

No matter what we all are chained to something the only way we are going to be free is when we lay it all down and give it to Jesus Christ. We can sit in our ivory seats and judge those who are on the real house arrest but first we should look at the chain that is around our necks.

Enjoy your day and God bless you. Remember if you need prayer you can follow us now on facebook. Psalmof Prayer@groups.facebook.


Question: Why Are Some People So Mean? 

Last night I spoke on the air on this very topic here is the link if you wish to listen to it. http://www.spreaker.com/user/4662476/why-are-some-people-so-mean


4 thoughts on “Locked AWAY

  1. Hello,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and liking a post! I enjoyed this devotion of yours, it’s very true about the need to rely on God to free us from our chains.
    Thanks again, and I hope you will continue to read! 🙂

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