On the Microphone

Good Evening everyone and welcome to Desiray’s Corner tonight I want to share something with you that is really cool. And if you like it you can add this feature to your site as well.

prayer shawl

Drum roll……It’s a voice mail recorder that is done right through your computer, that’s right it doesn’t cost you a dime to send me a voice message.

It’s totally “FREE” No fee’s, No phones, Just Blessings!
All you need is your computer and a microphone. I have had this feature for almost a year and displayed it on my LinkedIn site and now I want to place it here on this site so that you and anyone else who stumbles on this site can send me a message if you need to or want to.

Now you probably wondering how will I be notified that you left me a voice message? An email is sent to me immediately after a person has finished leaving me a voice message.

If you want to say hello or ask me a question, maybe you want to give me a word of encouragement you can do that.

Just in case you forget about this feature I have already displayed it on the home page on the right hand side entitled: Contact Me via Voice-Mail just click on to the link under the header.

Looking forward to be hearing from you soon.

Voice Mail to reach me


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