The Prophet Amos then and NOW!

With the many recent events that are happening in our world I have to say I am a bit disturbed. The first event that started it for me was when I heard about the Ebola breakout in West Africa with a death toll of over thousand who have died.

Then there was the doctor who was flown back to the United States and taken to the Center of Disease  Control (CDC) in Atlanta.  Then there was the event of the news journalist who was beheaded. It was then that I became even more weary and concerned about the souls of those who don’t know Jesus. But even in that I myself was disturbed I was like David when he said “soul why are you so downcast”.

mans heart

And so during this time I became lost for words I didn’t know how to pray about everything that is happening in our world, when I started to pray all I could do is weep. It was as if my heart was broken, and all of a sudden fear was surrounding me and I thought to myself,” could this be the hour that Jesus comes back?” I thought about those who would still live here on earth with all the horrifying events that will take place just like Jesus said in Revelations.  I thought of how the world will respond once Jesus came and took His children home with Him?

And after all that I got myself together and began searching the scriptures to find something that will help me to at least understand all of this, and that is when I saw in the Book of Amos. Yes, Amos the prophet talks about a time when Israel was prosperous at the time, it was also a time marked by social injustice a time similar to our own!

Amos was a shepherd who lived in the region of Tekoa, not many miles from the city of Jerusalem. He made his living by raising sheep and taking care of sycamore trees.  Which happens to be the same tree that Zaccuhaeus climb on to hear Jesus speak. Amos observed the hardships imposed on the working class by the wealthy

More people are exploited and abused in the cause of religion than any other way. Sex, money and power all take a back seat to religion as a source of evil. Religion is the most dangerous source known to mankind. The moment  a person (or government or religion or organization) is convinced that God is either ordering or sanctioning a cause or project, anything goes. In the bible we know religion-fueled hate, killings and oppression we see this from the book of Genesis all the way to Revelation. Look at how the religious leaders crucified Jesus in the name of religion.

Prophets continue to be the most powerful and effective voices ever head on this earth. Prophets will sniff out injustice, especially injustice that dressed up in religious garb. Prophets see through hypocrisy especially hypocrisy that assumes a religious pose.

Reading the book of Amos did shed light, always remember what ever happens in this world or in your life God has already spoken about it, all we have to do is open the bible and start seeking.  I am still concern for those who will die without knowing Jesus.  Time is not our friend folks, Jesus is coming back soon,  and the question is “are you ready?”




4 thoughts on “The Prophet Amos then and NOW!

  1. Hi Desiray. I was watching the local news this week and I pondered the same thoughts. I remembered Matthew 24:6 instructs us to consider it not strange because such things must happen, but the end is still to come. I understand that it does not seem fair, people are suffering horrible devastating deaths, yet prophecy must be fulfilled. I asked Jesus and the Holy Spirit to intercede, for I knew not what to pray. I asked Father God for mercy.

    1. Thank you Jeanie. I know prophecy must be fulfilled. Last Friday night I attended a bible study group and I was asked to pray for the people in Gaza and Israel. The moment I opened my mouth to pray I wept like a baby. I never even finished the prayer someone else had to do it for me.

      When the class was over what I didn’t know was that one of the ladies that was there happens to be from Jordan, she came up to me and said thank you for having a passion for my people.

      Even when things don’t make sense to us we have to go to the word. For that is where we will find our comfort

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