How do you “start” your day?

 I want to ask you “how do you start your day? For many our day starts the moment we open our eyes, we haven’t even got out of bed and our minds are racing a mile a minute. Laying in bed thinking about all the things we must do today. What meetings and errands and projects you have to do. WOW! And yet at the same time we already thinking “this has disaster written all over it.

hectic mornings

Finally you get out of bed only to run towards the kitchen and get breakfast ready for your family, packing lunches and answering the kids questions as they ask where is my notebook? Hubby asking you are you going to pick up the dry cleaning after work, you asking hubby is he going to be working late tonight, Joey wants to know can he go to his friend’s house after school? All of this taking place and you haven’t even had your first cup of coffee, “how am I going to get all this done today?”

You ask what can I do to change it? So that things can be much smoother and easier for me and my family?

Half of American homes go through this everyday in the home? The reason is because we started our day completely off the wrong way, that’s right. We starting thinking about everything else and we never sought the Lord first.

If we would thank the Lord first for waking us up and giving us the strength to even think with our minds that would set the tone much easier for us. Yes we all have things that must be done in the morning. But before we do all those things let’s give our Creator some Praise and let Him give you the instructions you will need for this day.

No wonder during the day we end up hating the day and we wish this day will be over.  Change your perspective and the outcome will be much greater. So the next time your day seems a bit hectic ask yourself this, “Did I speak to Jesus first before I started doing things? We are not going to have an easy life but one thing is for sure, Jesus makes it easier if we would only seek Him first. AMEN

Enjoy your weekend and remember be a blessing to someone.


8 thoughts on “How do you “start” your day?

  1. I start each day with a morning walk followed by a couple of minutes in silent meditation, breathing in the positive energies from the earth, pulling the energy up through my body and then exhaling the negative energies. While I do this I listen deeply to the morning sounds of nature, trying to listen past the chirps of the crickets to hear the sound of their voices that are much lower. It is like the words of King David when he said, “Father you call to me from yonder mountain,” meaning Father, I can hardly hear you, your voice is so low as if you were calling to me from a far away mountain.
    God loves you all.

  2. My first thoughts on waking are usually and hopefully I love you Lord. I agree with you one hundred percent,at least for me it works. Good post. Thanks for sharing.

    Much Love Tom

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