My Memoir

I am going to share what I like to call “MY MEMOIR’S” I never shared them with you guys so I thought it would be a great idea, I hope you will share with me at least one of yours.. Here goes:


1. I am not perfect
2. I make mistakes just like the next person
3. I love Jesus Christ with all my heart and I’ve been serving Him for over 20 plus years.
4. I absolutely love people no matter who they are where they come from I love people.
5. I am a happily married woman I thank God daily for my marriage, I  have one daughter and I am now a grandmother for the first time so I am loving it completely.
6. I am outgoing and full of zeal, I simply just love having conversations with people and sharing stories to know about them and for them to know about me.
7. I am a very transparent person, when I was younger I was a very private person but that has changed now since I went into Ministry. Isn’t it amazing how God changes even the smallest of thins about us?
8. My favorite color is purple, my favorite foods are seafood, pasta and salads
9. I love watching water as it flows down the river and streams, to see it rushing in the oceans, it reminds me so much of how life can be at times.
10. I work out at the gym 3 days a week, before I meet my husband I hated the gym. My husband tried to get me to go to his gym and I hesitated, it’s just wasn’t my thing I kept telling him but at times I would go because I knew it meant allot to him. Now I love the gym, it’s amazing what you will love if you take the time to try it.
11. I have always been very active within my community in local governments and non-profit organizations. I never thought I would enjoy government issues but that changed when I started working in different parts of the government, from Board of Elections, Zoning, Permits and  Health Department.
12. My pet peeve. Is seeing a person wasting their lives away, and though it is a pet peeve for me it is also a motivator for me, for it opens the door for me to speak with people.
13. Me and my hubby have date night we did it before we got married and we still date one another. I have my ME TIME I go and have my pedicure, nails and massage done. I love shopping at the mall my favorite stores I live in is Bath and Body Works, Victoria Secret, (what is the secret any way ”lol) these two stores are my therapy. When I come out of those stores I smell like I took a bath in it.

Well guys there you have it, now please share one with me about you.



13 thoughts on “My Memoir

  1. I loved this Desiray! My thing to share is that I go to Chuck E Cheese each week with my 22 yr old special needs gal and play skeeball. :).

  2. Hi Desiray,

    Here is mine:

    1. My name is Busisiwe and it means ” Blessed” and until recently I had allowed people to call me Busi which is a short version of my name and it doesn’t have a meaning, I decided as part of my healing and recovery journey that I should use my full name- to reclaim my blessings which the enemy had stolen from me.

    2. I have been married for 27 years now to a wonderful man, and we are blessed with 3 children, 2 boys and a girl…

    3. I had wished to have 6 children but due to suffering endometriosis, God made a miracle and gave me half the number, otherwise I was not supposed to have any children since endometriosis makes you infertile: Thank you JESUS!

    4. As a result of Endometriosis, I underwent 19 surgeries including removing my uterus and ovaries 6 years ago,,, I am at peace about this, because one day I got a message in my spirit that the physical womb had to be removed to make way for the spiritual because there is so much that The Lord wants me to ” birth” in the spirit.

    5. I genuinely love people , especially those who are hurting, outcasts and not recognized in society, I believe that’s where my calling is,to spread the message of grace and healing to those.

    6. I love reading, but I read more than 5 books at a time, and keep more than 5 journals as well,,,hoping that one day I will publish books…

    7. I was once a chocoholic; yes, I was badly addicted to chocolate( most people laugh when I relate this as if it’s nothing serious, but the addiction almost ruined my marriage, family and finances) this is a story for another day!

    8. I am currently living in Dubai, in the desert and The Lord is teaching so many lessons including that ” All things are possible to those who believe..” Seeing what the Arabs have done in the desert,and them building the high rise buildings and always thriving to do the best and be the best in everything. And I am learning what it means to “take one day at a time”, not in theory but practically,,also to overcome the ” fear of the unknown” since I suffered sexual abuse and rape my biggest challenge was to go to places I’ve never been before alone…the Lord is in the business of doing a new thing in our lives and He also promises to give us blessings in places of darkness and one needs to overcome that fear.

    9. I am generally a happy person, and love life, love going out, dancing good food and company..I enjoy travelling as well, including going on holidays where there is peace and quite without the modern civilization. I love music, I love singing and sometimes I feel some of the love songs should be sung only to our Lord,not to human beings because He is the only one who can give that kinda love they are singing about.

    10. I am crazy about grace, God’s grace, everyday this has a different meaning for me…now I understand a little bit why the angels cry “Holy! Holy! Holy” day and night, and that is why I am known by the song” Amazing grace/ He looked beyond my faults and saw my need.”I sing this song every time I am given an opportunity to sing, at church and everywhere I go.

    11. I love JESUS with all my heart, I gave my life to Him and got baptized when I was 13 years old purely because with all the suffering, painful childhood, He is the Only One who made sense to me and I got comforted to learn that He was there when all that I went thru was happening and He was in control otherwise the enemy meant to kill me literally.

    12. One thing I hate the most, literally is a bird that dies on the road,killed by cars, this evokes such “holy anger” if I may call it that, and I always ask myself what was it doing walking on the road when it was suppose to be flying in the vast skies and at least hear it was knocked down by an aero plane…and the moral lesson always is that one must never settle for less and never lower ones standards especially when you are in CHRIST,who is ..” Sitting with us in heavenly places.”(Ephesians 2:6)

    13. I love attention, I love to be pampered, I love to give gifts, I derive so much pleasure! And of course I love receiving gifts.

    14. I don’t like surprises though, I need to be managed when a person wants to surprise me because I get seriously traumatized,and the whole thing turns sour,,,

    15. I have a desire to record an album one day, I have a desire to hold at least one concert. My dream job is to be a ” customer care/ consumer police” in all industries but starting with the hospitality industry…

    I will end here for now Desiray, please enjoy and I hope others will be blessed too…

    Best Wishes


    1. WOW! Thank you for sharing your Memoirs with me and those who will come by the site. So often you know we read peoples blogs and don’t know who they are. Have a bless day

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